Mba In Digital Transformation

4,200,000 CFA

Context and rationale for the training

The digital transformation represents an opportunity to build an Africa of the 21st century, “integrated, prosperous and representing a dynamic force on the international scene”. It can be a powerful lever to promote the productivity, efficiency, innovation, and competitiveness of actions in the economy. Social demand expects it to help stimulate strong growth and significantly improve governance to restore confidence and authority.

Digital transformation concerns the entire ecosystem to make it efficient, brings added value to companies, states, and local authorities. Today it is both a political strategy, a social demand, and a professional need.

However, the rise of digital transformation is hampered by the scarcity of skills capable of converting Africa’s potential into real wealth.

This MBA program is an academic response to market demand to make Africa  strong and influential stakeholder and partner on the global stage.

A four (4) Specialization program

Training objectives

The objective of this training is to develop:

  • advanced skills in the field of digital transformation both at managerial and technological levels;
  • a culture of teamwork, leadership and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Opportunities (current and future professions targeted)

At the end of the training, the  ITD graduate can exercise with responsibility and authority, among others, the professions of:

  • Chief Digital Officer (CDO)
  • E-CRM project manager
  • DevSecOps Expert
  • XaaS Expert
  • Chief Data Officer
  • Data scientist
  • Data Protection Officer
  • Cybersecurity expert
  • etc…

Concerned audiences:

The training is open to the following audiences:

  • Engineers wishing to develop their managerial skills or specialize in digital transformation
  • Company executives wishing to specialize in digital transformation
  • Civil servants wishing to boost their career in the public service or go to the private sector;
  • Consultants;
  • Managers in NGOs or international organizations.

Conditions of admission

The conditions for access to training are as follows:

  • Be a project or program manager in public and private organizations
  • Be a manager in public and private organizations;
  • Be an executive in marketing or communication;
  • Be an engineer in Computer Science, Telecommunications;
  • Have a master’s degree in ICT, in Mathematics;
  • Have a master’s degree in any other field with proven professional experience in ICT;
  • Submit a cover letter in the form of a relevant professional project that leads to expertise through training.

To meet the criteria of objectivity, transparency and quality, access to training is through file review and interview.

Cash payment Payment by installments

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Output profiles

The  ITD MBA in digital transformation offers four (04) output profiles:

  • Cybersecurity management
  • Cloud Computing Management and IS Architecture
  • Big Data, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Management
  • Web marketing and digital strategy management

The training focuses on developing employability.  ITD’s MBA in Digital Transformation program can deliver in-training certificates in partnership with leading publishers in targeted fields.

Pedagogical approaches

The lessons are taught through active methods with a strong use of ICT and English. They include lectures, tutorials, practical work, educational visits, scientific conferences and professional practices.

Training schedule

The training takes place according to the academic calendar

Graduation dayMARCH – November 2022

Payment terms

Price of training (tuition)4 000 000
General expenses including insurance, registration fees, uniforms (FCFA)200 000
MBA payment terms
FG & Registration feeCash at registration
EducationOption1 : 100% upon registration with a 5% discount
Option2 : 50% upon registration and 2 increments of 25% within 4 months
Option3 : 30% upon registration and the remainder in 6 monthly installments

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