ITD was created by a group of high-level Senegalese executives coming from various backgrounds and together totaling 129 years of professional experience in digital and its related fields such as telecommunications and information technologies, also in various sectors of activities such as finance, oil and gas, mining, civil engineering, electrical engineering, international express delivery, and sports.

They exercise all their expertise across several countries and regions of the world (Senegal, West Africa, Central Africa, Southern Africa, Europe, and North America).

The bedrock of  ITD also resides on a partnership of solid expertise, stakeholders confronted with permanent strategic decisions, and leadership positions.

Stakeholders confronted with different sectors in disruption and evolution such as:

Telecommunications, which constitute one of the pillars of the digital transformation by ensuring connectivity to everyone and everywhere, technological developments in this sector, in particular with the arrival of 5G and the adoption of container technology for the telco cloud, etc.… will provide the bases for enriched connectivity;

Construction and civil engineering, which constitutes a sector in constant development and mutation, and which offers a laboratory for digital transformation, particularly in-home automation, connected homes, etc…;

Energy with oil and gas which have always been sources of wealth, but  they were left relatively unexplored in Senegal until a certain time with the signing of exploration contracts which have today made it possible to make important discoveries in Senegal. It, therefore, appears crucial not to miss the turn of digital transformation for a sector that has become highly strategic for Senegal;

Express mail/parcels: which have been the subject of many revolutions and have yet to reinvent themselves with the wind of digital transformation;

Sport, which is a user of digital technology, whose dependence on this technology has increased with the Covid crisis which has reinforced the need to digitize the entire ecosystem around the sport.

And new technologies, the base of new and revolutionary IT architectures, which constitute the key sector, and which provide technology to initiate digital transformation through the mastery of data and algorithms and codes to build the physical base and/or virtual to contain data, services,and APIs, associated with agile approaches, to “project dynamic process” cycles; think to run, going through the build, Big data and cybersecurity, essential supports for digital transformation.


“To be a benchmark institute for training, research, and consultancy in the field of digital transformation, a talent hub, a pole of success for students and professionals, a source of added value contributing significantly to the regional integration and the economic and social development of Senegal and Africa”.


  • Training for the development of human capital in the context of digital transformation
  • Consultancy and strategic guidance by supporting public and private organizations in their digital transformation projects
  • Research & Innovation at the service of the community based on the experience acquired through training and consultancy; the establishment and animation of essential innovation hubs to benefit all stakeholders;